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  • Mark Shupe

My Dearest Lana

thirty years ago, there was a raucous little party in a tiny seaside town

the revellers all gathered to see you smile and laugh in your stunning wedding gown

people danced and laughed and cried and said, oh my heavens what a bride!

the ceremony was short and quaint and light and went off without a hitch

though the congregation snickered at the pricetag on my shoesole near a stitch

the MC was light and witty, his banter made us howl with glee

the food was simple and delicious, served by the women's auxiliary

the hall was humble, the wedding party small, the decorations simple but enhanced this magic ball

my father stumbled in his speech, but made us laugh nonetheless with his charming little smile

he almost hadn't made it as he'd been sick that week, but we were glad to see him after such awhile

your stepfather made a joke at my expense but it was oh so true and told with love so what was I to do?

my mother's chorus serenaded us with songs of love and faith. She beamed with pride even when she said, thank God, its time the knot was tied!

your mother who taught you to be strong and tough and loving told me she was glad i took you off her hands, but i knew how proud she was as she examined our matching wedding bands

among giant sons and daughter, i sometimes feel quite small, but you saw something in me and made me feel so tall

Now lest you recall the feast as solemn

here's some things to know:

superman in blue and red flew in to make remarks as did your oldest boyfriend, though why he had that paperbag on his head only a few of us will know

and when that speaker ripped a comic book in half, my mouth was wide aghast though i gave you one in my remarks so it kind of evened out

i may have shed a tear or two as i told you how happy you made me when you told me yes,

though it took awhile for you to answer as i stood there staring at your velvet dress

there were many siblings and kinfolk, a letter from afar, top ten lists and hijinks aplenty, like life has been thus far

the cake was tall and plenty, frosting gleaming white, the ornament of my parents nuptials sitting on the top

and when I saw it, my emotions overwhelming, it was if my breath would stop

and would it be a proper shuper party if Spiderman weren't there, so mr Parker swung in in costume and told some funny jokes

It was hard not to laugh, even if I was the target of his many, many pokes

our guests were quite sure they'd never seen a wedding party like this crazy wondrous night. it was a memory made for more than us, though its of us i think this day

for despite the webheads presence at that party, the most amazing sight of all was how radiantly beautiful you looked, in a perfect dress of white, your auburn curls a dancing in the light.

I catch my breath just thinking of that night, but luckily that radiance greets every newly born day

for though you have aged a touch and so I fear have i, your radiance has not dimmed, but only grown brighter at every success you make

thirty years has come and gone, and look at the things we've done

and yet a new page is dawning and it seems we've just begun

i loved you then and i love you now

though that's not a secret to anyone we know

the time is rushing forward faster than you and i would care

but i'm glad you're here beside me for every day's a memory to share

for the 30th time i say it, Happy memory of that magical wedding day,

as long as we're together it matters not where we live or stay

now lets have some raucous fun before this day is done

and enjoy our time together without the madding crowd

the page will turn tomorrow and we have lots of words to write

as we frolic on our shoreline, next to the sandy house of light.

Happy 30th anniversary

I love you forever


forgive me for not getting a traditional gift of pearl

i'm really feeling quite like an awful, awful louse

But maybe you will feel like giving me a tiny little twirl

when you learn your anniversay gift's a house!

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Sep 12, 2023

Absolutely stunning tribute, gift and honour, I'm sure You make such an adorable couple! Happy anniversary! Sarah Butland

Mark Shupe
Sep 12, 2023
Replying to

Sarah, Thank you so much!


Aprilmelanie Goodick
Aprilmelanie Goodick
Sep 11, 2023

wow....<3 beautiful Mark...just beautiful

Mark Shupe
Sep 12, 2023
Replying to

April, thank you so much!

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