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A Place I Could Re-tire


Includes a visit to the new farmers market, stair climbing, and a stealth move through a hole in a chain link fence.

A Place I Could Re-tire

Walked March 18, 2023. Today was a special treat - used a coupon to get a McDonald's fast across from Canada Olympic Park, with its now unused (at least for its intended purpose) 1988 Olympic ski jump tower towering over us. I pause for a moment to picture Eddie the Eagle soaring over head then did walked the few industrial seats around McDonald's. The egg McMuffin fuelled my energy more than I expected and I was walking fast down the steep slope of 85th street. When I turned around to go back up the steep slope, I realized it might have been more the downhill that gave me the energy than the egg McMuffin. There was a large set of stairs leading backup. I took those, because a similar set, made of the same batch of lumber I'm sure that shows up like as the number 22 item on the 111 things not to miss in Calgary book. See the photo, and clever caption below. (Assuming I can figure out how to get a text box next to a photo.)
The top of the stair was blocked by a huge cement block. It would have been nice if someone had warned a guy at the bottom. The McMuffin didn't have that much energy, so I wasn't going back down. Instead I did an awkward flop in memorial of Mr. Fosberg who passed away recently. I do not recommend doing a flop over a big cement block at the top of a huge set of stairs, with your belly full of McDonald's. I found myself at the entrance of the GreenBriar mobile home park. There were signs that said private so I had a quandary of wether I was allowed to do these streets. Then I saw the number 53 bus enter the park. I figured if the roads would allow a beaten up city bus, they'd allow a beaten up old man in. It was a very charming walk. Of course being from the home province of the Trailer Park Boys, I have a bit of affinity for tailer parks. This one was quiet and people had put a lot of thought into their homes. I could feel the tranquility of living there on the ridge overlooking the bow river. I was tired though as I came within site of the farmer's market where my designated driver was to pick me up. Except my path was blocked my a chain link fence. Often residents of a community will look at me the stranger, as if I am up to no good. Slinking through a rip in the chain link fence would not help my rep, so I ducked into a little playground to let cars pass. That' where I found my re-tirment community! and bought enough time to slink through the hole in the chain link fence undetected.
Except probably for the 7 nest cameras.
Onto the farmers market, which for all intents and purpose was a giant upscale foodcourt with some farmers as a backdrop and a few boutiques. It actually was quite. enjoyable, and will be heading back for breakfast soon. Did buy a six pack of craft beer from The Troubled Monk. There I am looking, troubled as I Monk - y around.



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