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The Community of Mahogany

Lake Community in South East. Varied housing options and styles. Still being developed.

The Community of Mahogany

My plan is based on doing the streets on the map book. But my map for Mahogany had a number of streets that were drawn with dotted lines - future streets at the time of writing. Alas the builders did not follow the plan! Or the map didn't have the right plan! so I had to set aside the map. (actually I accidentally lost the map page with the dotted lines). So I just ran around in circles making sure I did every street at least once. (without a map, can you blame me for getting lost?) I sketched out my own map in green ink. Back home, I realize I will never get my cartographers license! Mahogany is a very nice looking area. I like the way the parks are integrated and the houses do not seem as crowded as some of the other newer neighborhoods. Ice on the streets was a bit thick still for March 19. And some of those dotted streets were deep mud. I forgot my watch today, so it's only a guess, but I figure 14 Kim. There were some interesting design features in the neighbourhood like the rock feature pictured above. There were a number of well places benches and the paths to the water features seemed easy to access. (Even if there were extra water features with the melting snow). This was my third time in Mahogany. One more to go. I did the streets around the Lake and the West Village when the weather was better. Mahogany is twinned with Auburn which is east of 52 street.
I enjoy the walk around the streets still being developed. There were some expansive views across snow fields and frozen ponds, houses in various stages of construction. You could learn a lot about house building just by walking around the neighbourhood. The area is flat, so rather easy walk other than lingering the ice and snow. There is a good strip of restaurants and fast food at the entrance to Mahogany and a large grocery store. My last walk here, I stopped there for a snack.


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