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The Map Book

Like Dora the Explorer, one of my best friends is my map book! She gives me the best guidance and tells me where to go!

The Map Book

When I started my walking adventure, I purchased the most up to date map book of Calgary available. As I walk each street, I mark it off in the map book. I try to use a different color pen each day so I can see how much progress I make.

I am walking every publicly safe street in Calgary. That means I am not walking Deer Foot or CrowFoot Trails, except those sections that have paths or alleyways adjacent to the major highway. The city of Calgary website says there are 16,000 km of streets and alleyways. I have walked over 12000 Kim of safe streets and project to have walked about 14000 when I am completed.

New streets are being built up everyday. Sometimes I walk these an add them to my map, but if I haven't walked them, my plan is to go back later. The city of Calgary keeps expanding! Can't believe how much it's grown since I've been here.


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