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Dear Dad Part One

Dear Dad, I deeply apologize. I was part way through writing an emotional blog note to you expressing my gratitude for everything you did for me when things around me took a life of their own today. I describe below. I make a joke at the end, but today was rather a tough one. A few good moments, but not what I was hoping for overall. I want you to know I was thinking of you deeply today despite all this and as the day nears its end, I don't want to rush our discussion. I will finish it properly and send to you later.

Maybe it was that way too often for you. Too many things happening you had to deal with rather than being able to celebrate properly. Due to busy circumstances, my kids celebrated with me last week, so I was thinking I would have most of the day to comtemplate the times we had together including the time we got lost in the deep woods looking for a Christmas tree and the time we put the frog in the fish bowl.

It doesn't seem possible it was almost nine years,ago you passed on. My memories of you seem stronger than ever.

Here's a short version of what happened today:

I don’t want to say it was a difficult Father’s Day, but there was an unfortunate series of events that led to our kitchen facilities being unavailable. So instead of the home-cooked meal I was looking forward to we went with another couple to a little restaurant. Unfortuneately because it was Father’s Day, and there was four of us we had no choice, but to sit outside.

Although, we were far, far inland from the sea, seagulls were soaring overhead. Those seagulls seem to be molting, because their dirty feathers were dropping from the sky like manna.

Because I had spent more money today than I expected I decided I better order off the happy hour food menu. Although I generally cannot eat fries, i thought I'd order fish and chips because they were the cheapest thing on the menu. And it was father's day, so why not treat myself.

However when the server delivered the food, she dropped the fish sauce so that it splattered all over my face and clothes. Where fell molting seagull feathers.

So yes, on Father’s Day 2023 I was tartarred and feathered .

Me with replacement tartar sauce. Good thing I always carry a spare shirt to change into.

A reminder again I do not make this stuff up.

Dad, I hope that one made you smile.

I will have a more fulsome discussion with you on your birthday.

Love, your son, Mark.

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1 commentaire

20 juin 2023

I wonder if the seagulls were a way of your father letting you know he's still pestering you to be amazing. He has lots to be proud of, that father of yours, and he, like you him, carries you where ever he wanders. And lives on through the way you father your own babies! Next time, though, maybe skip the fries. ;) Sarah Butland

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